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Responsibilities include customer satisfaction, retention, selling parts, service hours, accessories and the customers next car.

Suggested items for Service Dep't


Personalised Clothing

It's important to keep your brand showing throughout the dealership, workwear and clothing is no exception.  Concise Media Banding has many personalised clothing items to choose from, but in addition we've recommended clothing used by the Motor Trade that we can send you details.

5 Star Customer Satisfaction
Many Dealerships struggle with the concept of 5 star treatment, often the battle is already lost to the perception of glamourise showrooms and high cost service bills. The independents always get better customer satisfaction ratings than the dealer network, ever wondered why, it's quite simple "they care more and do more for their customers"
View your dep't like a customer
If you concentrate on getting everything right, then your customer satisfaction score will automatically improve instead of trying to fudge the results.
So WHAT does frustrate your customer?
Walk around the Dealership like a customer and you might understand more!
what makes the difference
Everyone likes a "FREEBIE", so why not give back and show your appreciation.
Doesn't necessary have to be expensive, can also include a personalised consumable like screen wash that the customer pays for.
"If you do nothing you get nothing"
How to Improve...
Often the hardest task is getting the team on board.
The changes can only work with a buy in from ALL, the team has to be motivated, happy and this will transform through to your customers.
Never be afraid to tell your customers how good you're, why not put a mirror hanger inside their car pointing out the benefits of using your Dealership.

40% of new car buyers report they don’t return to the dealership for non-warranty related service, and 67% say that outside repair shops are a better value than dealership service centres.

Finding New Service Customers

Social Marketing
Social Media

The social media stratosphere is constantly buzzing with conversations about unpleasant service experiences. All of these add up to the perfect opportunity for a well-timed digital ad, a personal response from your social media team, or both. A real-time data company can implement solutions that comb the internet for social signals, key phrases, web searches, and other activities that indicate a need for repair services and then execute advertisements across appropriate channels to get the attention of your prospects and ultimately make them your next customer.


With this every evolving technological world maybe seems a bit odd to suggest mailshots. "Yet" it's coming back into fashion, people still like to receive things and there are many low cost items that can be sent together with a marketing flyer. Items such as, air fresheners, fridge magnets, credit card mint containers, tyre tread gauge, flat touch and much more.

Dealer Events

This is one way of building that relationship, can be expensive compared to the mailshot but will be memorable.

Telephone Call

A courtesy call to keep in contact is what a sales person does everyday to their prospects so there's no reason why the service department shouldn't?